Elvira van Bochove



Elvira van Bochove Fine Artist

I was born in Zwijndrecht, a small town in a river area in the South West of Holland. Water has been a very important part of my childhood. Ever since I can remember the ocean and rivers were sending me messages of oneness. The joy I felt, and still feel, when being near water (on holidays for example, or windsurfing), triggers my inspiration.  

The feeling that I get from being in the water is of being boundless/bodyless.

In my late teens I went to artschool to study painting. Around that time my brother suddenly died in a traffic accident. My sensitivity was heightened even more, I guess by the experience of  deep grief. The clues that nature leaves us were seeking my attention.

I have been working as an artist since graduating. I use painting, sculpture and dance to tell my story of connectivity. In this story ritual and magic are very important. They are part of the quest for being linked to the sacred web, our life on earth. Magic work is a means of exploring and forging new paths in this web.

I am working from and living in Dordrecht, with my partner and our 13 year old daughter.