Elvira van Bochove



“I make art to connect human existence with the rhythms of life. 

Since my early childhood I speak with the waters. Whenever near a river or lake I would feel how it circles the earth, linking time and space. This memory of communicating with the lake or the sea, is always drifting around me.

The feeling that I get from being in the water is of being boundless/bodyless. My work is an attempt to explain this. Our unity. Art can help tell that story of strange complexity where truth is a multidimensional variability

Ritual, religion and superstition have always intrigued me. They are part of the quest for being connected to the sacred web, our life on Earth. Magical work is a means of exploring and forging new paths in this web. That is why I use it in my individual art practice, and the dance circles I initiate and train.

 I am working from and living in Dordrecht, with my partner and our 12 year old daughter. 

In my work I show linked realms. Everything is connected, and feeling this is important for us humans, to evolve. Some realms are not so clear to the eye, like the world of emotions for example. But they all influence each other.