Elvira van Bochove



“I make art to emphasize the connection between everything, in its simplicity and its immense complexity.

Every work I create I relate to this. 
I do not understand the universe, and how it works, but I feel it. And I believe that if we could all feel this, life would be better. We would care more. Therefore I make art to express this idea. It is my main motivation.”

Ritual, religion and superstition have always intrigued me. The oppressed nature, and man’s need for meaning and control are  motives. My works are always a representation of nature to which we are subject. Nature within, which corresponds with the outside. With references to the large and smaller rhythms.

From early childhood on I am speaking with the waters.
Growing up as a skipper daughter, water was never far away, and whenever near a river or lake I would feel how it circles the earth, linking time and space.
In the present day it is therefore the most important theme in my paintings. 

I am working from and living in Dordrecht, with my partner and our 11 year old daughter. 

Time and space

Everything appears to be connected