Elvira van Bochove



The sea = A huge bowl of water that connects everything in rhythmic movements. From continents to raindrops.

Mural - The Passage contains everything. Earth, air, fire. And water, the start of life. SHE contains life and death. Read more
Sold    We form connections with each other and with the planet, just by enjoying the magical qualities of water. Water Read more
The sea that once was her home is about to swallow the Little Mermaid, who is turning into foam. This Read more
The Little Mermaid and her choices... The classic fairytale by Hans Christiaan Andersen is the guiding principle for a series Read more
Letting the water stream. At first en plein air. It had been while, painting with cold fingers, sunshine and wind Read more
Making golden waves with fire... Gold in the water    2021  acrylics on canvas, 40 x 50 cm€ 450,-    More Firepaintings Gold Read more
Imagine standing by the water and flames and waves make music together. Our planet, the centre of this rhythm... By the Read more
The impact of fire on water is easy to explain, but in fact is a very mysterious process of natural Read more
My Winter Bonfire    2021  acrylics on canvas, 40 x 40 cm € 400,-There are few things that give such a feeling of Read more
Here is the world as we want to see it, pleasant and beautiful. Everything is good, the air is clear, Read more
Part of the project "Every little bird sings as it is prized" from Het Vogelnest (Birdsnest, community initiative) for "400 Read more
Sold    The universe is made of stardust. It fills our oceans with billions of water droplets. This water is life. Read more
The results of breathing space ... With the easel and cart through the dunes to the beach. After a few meager Read more
The beginning of everything is floating in space, in the ocean, in the womb, in our mother's arms...Everything is connected Read more
Different weather, different light, different movements.  "Drie Rivierenpunt" is a series of 6 paintings of the same spot in the Read more
Special water. It has been flowing for centuries, connecting the history of different era's. Water, coloured and shaped by time Read more
The Sea/Aphrodite  acrylics on canvas 90 x 90 cmSold  Read more
The three major rivers De Beneden Merwede, the Oude Maas and the Noord converge at Groothoofd in Dordrecht, with an Read more
Northseawater...Retracting wave  acrylics on canvas 100 x 150 cm €1250,- Read more
Just as water and air can merge into one another, the atmosphere of mist goes into your mind. It vaporizes Read more