Peaceful Unity   2016

orrery - 9 lemons & mixed media

110 cm diameter


In may 2016 the exhibition "Gallerie Tuinstaal" took place in the Tuinstaaldistrict in Leiden, (the Netherlands). Artworks were placed at retailers in the highstreet.

Peaceful Unity was assigned to the street's fastfood place "Snackbar Herenstraat".


"Peaceful Unity" is a magical instrument for the present time.

Science shows us that we know almost nothing. Everything is possible. The timeless desire for more than just measurable life inspires us to experiment outside the areas of traditional science. We want to feel safe and connected, and search for ways to control this.


The lemon has been used in ancient times to practice magic. Pegs were pierced, and then the correct spells reinforced it into a lucky charm.

The power of the lemon is unabated. I continued to look for ways of editing to increase the impact, making use of images from faith and science.
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