Two golden weeks in Rockanje    8-piece   2017

acrylics & goldfinger on canvas, 40 x 40 cm x 8

With the easel and cart through the dunes to the beach. After a few meager years I finally went on summer holidays,
on forty minutes away from my house.

Sunny weather in Rockanje, and also some rain. The sea is almost always quiet. Blue skies, lots of sand and sand-coloured things of course, brown slab at low tide.

In these two weeks I made an eight-piece, a postcard. The result of breathing space ...

I went to the beach at different moments, early in the morning, evening, afternoon and at night. Several hours of painting before the tide could flush away my stuff and also the view had changed.

I put them together in a frame of scaffolding wood and added goldpaint, to emphasize the atmosphere
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