Elvira van Bochove



I make art to connect human existence with the rhythms of life. 
The feeling that I get from being in the water is of being boundless/bodyless. My work is an attempt to explain this. Our unity.

We form connections with each other and with the planet, just by enjoying the magical qualities of water. Water transports Read more

Ritual, religion and superstition have always intrigued me. They are part of the quest for being connected to the sacred web, our life on Earth.

Wonderslice Love

Associated with universal love, sensual love, close friendship, warmth, sensuality, beauty…

How to make it work: Stand in front of the Slice whenever you want it to charge you. Make sure direct celestial light is shining through the glass upon you (sunlight, moonlight, stars/planets/comets). For as long and as often as you want to. You can also put the Slice in front of a window. The light will continuously flow through the lemon and soak your home in its magic.
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