Elvira van Bochove



The magic that is life pulsates through us all in beautiful rhythms…
We have to build bridges between worlds. It is time to reconnect with our planet and heartbeat as an earth-community.

Mural - The Passage contains everything. Earth, air, fire. And water, the start of life. SHE contains life and death. Read more

23-5 / 31-7 2022
L.O.F.T. The Hague 


In my work I show linked realms. Everything is connected, and feeling this is important for us humans, to evolve. Some realms are not so clear to the eye, like the world of emotions for example. But they all influence each other.

Wonderslice Love

Associated with universal love, sensual love, close friendship, warmth, sensuality, beauty…

How to make it work: Stand in front of the Slice whenever you want it to charge you. Make sure direct celestial light is shining through the glass upon you (sunlight, moonlight, stars/planets/comets). For as long and as often as you want to. You can also put the Slice in front of a window. The light will continuously flow through the lemon and soak your home in its magic.
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