Elvira van Bochove



Like you, I am stardust. My human body is made up of mostly water. The water is oozing out of me, feeding my surroundings, reuniting with all water, entering other lifeforms.

NEWS: My acrylic painting  “We are mostly water”  is now available in high quality print. Carbon neutral from order to delivery.
To celebrate the new Spring, there will also be a huge special edition.

Interconnectedness in Time

Water has alway had impact on the lives of people of Dordrecht. It shapes lives, and makes roots.

Interconnectedness in Time  –  mural +/- 140 m2

At the centre is a meandering stream of water with branches like a root system, that connects the image of the past with the future.

Right under the roof is a fragment of a photograph from 1900 by Hendrik Johannes Tollens. It shows the beam holes on the Noordendijk, water basins where logs were preserved. For centuries these were an essential part of the timber trade that provided a living for the citizens.

The white silhouettes at the bottom represent the future. It is a diversity of people from the neighbourhood, who stand hand in hand in the water. They reflect the desire and necessity to live together with the water.

Projectmanagement Lotti Hesper/Stichting voor de Werkplaats

Waterflyers  – 20 x 50 cm, acrylic on canvas

Water flows through us all, and we flow through water. It connects and transports. We can fly like angels the moment we perceive all this stardust, and be one in water.