Elvira van Bochove

ELVIRA VAN BOCHOVE  Transmitting through art

Charge your life with magic - practical and easy.

The Wonderslices are a series of objects made from lemonslices and mixed media, framed between glass with stainless steel fittings, in a wooden foot.

These Wonderslices are created to work on specific areas. For example, if a person is taking on a new adventure in life in the coming year, the Success Slice could enchant that path, sprinkle it with opportunities and self-confidence. The Transition Slice would be a very thoughtful present to support somebody letting go of a habit she or he wants to get rid of…

There are seven Slices: Welfare, Fertility, Strength, Communication, Success, Love and Transition.
Every slice is ritualy prepared and dried using ancient as well as experimental techniques to enhance particular energies.

How to make it work: Stand in front of the Slice whenever you want it to charge you. Make sure direct celestial light is shining through the glass upon you (sunlight, moonlight, stars/planets/comets). For as long and as often as you want to. You can also put the Slice in front of a window. The light will continuously flow through the lemon and soak your home in its magic.

Note: Direct sunlight will always transform anything. It will at some point change the colour and appearance of the Wonderslice.

A truly magical gift.
Let me know which one is for you.


Sun / life!


Moon / tides


Mars / battle 


Mercury / flow


Jupiter / greatness


Venus / beauty


Saturn / boundary 

In this video you can see me preparing the lemons used for making the Wonderslices.