Lemons Performance

Gift from Aradia

Legend has it that Aradia, the daughter of the Goddess Diana, revealed the secret of the lemon to the oppressed women of the country (Italy), whom she taught magic and witchcraft. The lemon is connected with feminine power. Aradia taught the women divination, opening of hearts, raising fire, healing and Moonworship.

Gift from Aradia   2007
Performance at Work;lounge Dordrecht during the “Salon studiotour” 
Dancers Fieke Dieleman & Amanda van Gool


Box with curses

Lemons are used in some pagan religions for magical purposes, as a good luck charm.
Reality is charged with imagination. The confusion between what we experience because it is there, or because we want it to be, I regard as an opportunity for growth.

Box with curses   2003 
Salted box, lemons, mixed media


Basic altarset

The power of the lemon is undiminished. The quest is to find ways to increase the impact, using images from faith and science. The Altar lemons are interpreted differently by different people. Culture and background contribute to the way they are perceived.

Basic altarset    7-piece   2003 
lemons, mixed media, 25 cm height