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ELVIRA VAN BOCHOVE  Transmitting through art

Lemons Performance


Charge your life with magic - practical and easy.

The Wonderslices are a series of objects made from lemonslices and mixed media, framed between glass with stainless steel fittings, in a wooden foot.

These Wonderslices are created to work on specific areas. For example, if a person is taking on a new adventure in life in the coming year, the Success Slice could enchant that path, sprinkle it with opportunities and self-confidence. The Transition Slice would be a very thoughtful present to support somebody letting go of a habit she or he wants to get rid of…

There are seven Slices: Welfare, Fertility, Strength, Communication, Success, Love and Transition.
Every slice is ritualy prepared and dried using ancient as well as experimental techniques to enhance particular energies.

How to make it work: Stand in front of the Slice whenever you want it to charge you. Make sure direct celestial light is shining through the glass upon you (sunlight, moonlight, stars/planets/comets). For as long and as often as you want to. You can also put the Slice in front of a window. The light will continuously flow through the lemon and soak your home in its magic.

Note: Direct sunlight will always transform anything. It will at some point change the colour and appearance of the Wonderslice.

A truly magical gift.
Let me know which one is for you.


Sun / life!


Moon / tides


Mars / battle 


Mercury / flow


Jupiter / greatness


Venus / beauty


Saturn / boundary 

In this video you can see me preparing the lemons used for making the Wonderslices.




The Earthdance expresses the birth of the oceans and life on earth. 
On Earthday, 22 april 2011 the dance was performed at a charity event at the Nature- and environment Centre Weizigt in Dordrecht. 
I choreographed a circledance and worked with a group of women to weave a web of energy for the earth and waters.

Earthdance  2011
ritual dance

On behalf of this dance I build a large oceandrum. This is a bowl in which all sorts of seeds, nuts an shells are locked. By rolling the drum around it makes the sound of rolling waves. A group of women together rolled the drum and danced on the rhythm of a heartbeat.

Lemons Performance

Gift from Aradia

Legend has it that Aradia, the daughter of the Goddess Diana, revealed the secret of the lemon to the oppressed women of the country (Italy), whom she taught magic and witchcraft. The lemon is connected with feminine power. Aradia taught the women divination, opening of hearts, raising fire, healing and Moonworship.

Gift from Aradia   2007
Performance at Work;lounge Dordrecht during the “Salon studiotour” 
Dancers Fieke Dieleman & Amanda van Gool