Two golden weeks in Rockanje

The results of breathing space … 

With the easel and cart through the dunes to the beach. After a few meager years I finally went on summer holidays, 
on forty minutes away from my house.
Sunny weather in Rockanje, and also some rain. The sea is almost always quiet. Blue skies, lots of sand and sand-coloured things of course, brown slab at low tide.

Two golden weeks in Rockanje    series   2017
acrylics & goldfinger on canvas, 40 x 40 cm x 8

I went to the beach at different moments, early in the morning, evening, afternoon and at night. Several hours of painting before the tide could flush away my stuff and also the view had changed.



The beginning of everything is floating in space, in the ocean, in the womb, in our mother’s arms…
Everything is connected through space and the rhythms of time.


acrylics & oil on canvas, 90 x 90 cm 


Peaceful Unity

Fastfood restaurant “Snackbar Herenstraat” 

In may 2016 the exhibition “Galerie Tuinstaal” took place in the Tuinstaaldistrict in Leiden, (the Netherlands). Artworks were placed at retailers in the highstreet.

Peaceful Unity   2016

orrery – 9 lemons & mixed media110 cm diameter

“Peaceful unity” consists of 9 lemons that circle around and influence each other and the surroundings. 
The structure of the orrery is as follows:
The center is Optimism. 
In orbit around it are Empathy, Wisdom and Trust.
Communication, Morality, Flexibility, Openness and Generosity form the outer circle.

The work was created in the period just after the attack on Brussels airport. From my personal need to reverse the atmosphere in the world, to soften contradictions, I came up with this orrery in which different lemons work together to create a positive emanation. The destination was the fastfood restaurant, the place everybody from the neighbourhood visits. 

It is a magical instrument for the present time, an additional aid to stimulate harmony between people. It is meant to be used at places where people come together, and peaceful unity would be welcome.

Science shows us that we know almost nothing. Anything might be possible. The timeless desire for more than just measurable life inspires us to experiment outside the areas of traditional science. We want to feel safe and connected, and search for ways to control this. Lemons have been used in ancient times to practice magic. Pegs were pierced, and then the correct spells reinforced it into a lucky charm.



Different weather, different light, different movements.  “Drie Rivierenpunt” is a series of 6 paintings of the same spot in the water where the three major rivers Beneden Merwede, Oude Maas and Noord converge, painted at intervals of one week. 

It has sprung from a mountain somewhere in Switzerland, travelled along villages and cities, castles, factories.
This spot has seen flourishing trade, the gallows on the shore, the arrival of the king, the annual fireworks…

This river is always grayish green, with a bit yellow and blue sometimes. I painted it as mat as possible, using tap water and river water, and no other medium to prevent any glossiness.

Three-riverspoint     series    2013 

acrylics on canvas, 80 x 80 cm each



Special water. It has been flowing for centuries, connecting the history of different era’s. Water, coloured and shaped by time and the weather of that paricular day …

Riverwater 12th august    2013 
acrylics on canvas 80 x 140 cm


Groothoofd paintings

At Groothoofd

The three major rivers De Beneden Merwede, the Oude Maas and the Noord converge at the Groothoofd in Dordrecht, with an influx of the small river Wantij.

 Special water. It has been flowing there for centuries, connecting the history of different era’s.

“Groothoofd 15 july”  2012
acrylics on canvas  50 x 50 cm

The paintings made at the “Groothoofd” all show a bit of this connection. The water, coloured and shaped by time and the weather of that paricular day …

“Groothoofd juli 28”    2012  – acrylics on canvas 60 x 70 cm

“Groothoofd juli 15”   2012   – acrylics on canvas 70 x 70 cm 




The Earthdance expresses the birth of the oceans and life on earth. 
On Earthday, 22 april 2011 the dance was performed at a charity event at the Nature- and environment Centre Weizigt in Dordrecht. 
I choreographed a circledance and worked with a group of women to weave a web of energy for the earth and waters.

Earthdance  2011
ritual dance

On behalf of this dance I build a large oceandrum. This is a bowl in which all sorts of seeds, nuts an shells are locked. By rolling the drum around it makes the sound of rolling waves. A group of women together rolled the drum and danced on the rhythm of a heartbeat.